Quantum Technologies Conference III

Manipulating photons, atoms, and molecules

September 9 - 15, 2012
Warszawa, Poland

Keynote Speakers

  1. Yvan Castin (France) (Abstract) (Slides)
    "The unitary Fermi gas"
  2. Paul Julienne (USA) (Abstract)
    "Quantum control of ultracold atomic and molecular phenomena"
  3. Bruno Laburthe-Tolra (France) (Abstract) (Slides)
    "Dipolar Chromium BECs and magnetism"
  4. Tilman Pfau (Germany) (Abstract)
    "Coherent control of dense Rydberg gases"
  5. Klaus Sengstock (Germany)
    "Magnetism without magnetism"
  6. Alice Sinatra (France) (Abstract) (Slides)
    "Spin squeezing in Bose-Einstein Condensates: from the two-mode model to a multi-mode description"
  7. Masahito Ueda (Japan)
    "Topological excitations in ultracold atoms"
  8. Christoph Westbrook (France) (Abstract) (Slides)
    "Acoustic analog of the dynamical casimir effect in a BEC"

Invited Speakers

  1. 1. Veronica Ahufinger (Spain) (Abstract)
    "Storage and processing of polarization qubits in three-level media"
  2. 2. Remigiusz Augusiak (Spain) (Abstract)
    "Bell inequalities with no quantum violation and unextendable product bases"
  3. 3. Bjorn Bartels (Germany) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Quantum Coherence via Smooth Optimal Control"
  4. 4. Przemyslaw Bienias (Poland) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Quasi-1D Bose gas revisited"
  5. 5. Alessio Celi (Spain) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Quantum simulation of an extra dimension"
  6. 6. Bryan Dalton (Australia) (Abstract)
    "Phase Space Methods for Fermions using Grassmann Variables"
  7. 7. Piotr Deuar (Poland) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Violation of the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality with matter waves"
  8. 8. Omjyoti Dutta (Spain) (Abstract)
    "Beyond the standard Hubbard models"
  9. 9. Ulrich Ebling (Spain) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Spinor dynamics in a multi-component Fermi gas"
  10. 10. Uwe R. Fischer (Korea) (Abstract)
    "Out-of-Equilibrium Microscopes for Quantum Many-Body States"
  11. 11. Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll (Spain) (Abstract)
    "Propagating microwave photons in superconducting circuits"
  12. 12. Jeremie Gillet (Ireland) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Tunneling, self-trapping and manipulation of higher modes of a BEC in a double well"
  13. 13. Tomasz Gorski (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Statistics of population difference for cold bosons and fermions in a double well potential"
  14. 14. Axel Griesmaier (Germany) (Abstract)
    "Stability and Collapse of a dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate in an optical lattice"
  15. 15. Krzysztof Jachymski (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Collisions of reactive molecules from ultracold domain to classical limit"
  16. 16. Tomasz Karpiuk (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Spontaneous solitons in the thermal equilibrium of a quasi-one-dimensional Bose gas"
  17. 17. Michal Krych (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Reactive collisions of polar molecules with high dipole moments in quasi-2d traps"
  18. 18. Mateusz Lacki (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Higher Bloch bands in optical lattices."
  19. 19. Axel U.J. Lode (Germany) (Abstract)   (Slides) (Movie 1) (Movie 2) (Movie 3)
    "Insights on the Many-Body Physics of Tunneling from Numerically Exact Solutions of the Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation for Ultracold Bosons"
  20. 20. Michal Maik (Spain) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Quantum spin models with long-range interactions and tunnelings: A quantum Monte Carlo study"
  21. 21. Isam Manai (France) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Rovibrational cooling of molecules by optical pumping"
  22. 22. Michal Matuszewski (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Supersolidity of excitons"
  23. 23. Florian Mintert (Germany) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Optimal control with measures optimized on the fly"
  24. 24. Malgorzata Mochol (Poland) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Dark soliton in a disorder potential"
  25. 25. Krzysztof Pawlowski (France) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Decoherence in a bosonic Josephson junction"
  26. 26. David Peter (Germany) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Anomalous Behavior of Spin Systems with Dipolar Interactions"
  27. 27. Krzysztof Sacha (Poland) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "Frustration and time reversal symmetry breaking for Fermi and Bose-Fermi systems"
  28. 28. Mariusz Semczuk (Canada) (Abstract)
    "Towards Li2 and LiRb ground state molecules."
  29. 29. Tomasz Sowinski (Poland) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "One-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model with local three-body interactions"
  30. 30. Piotr Szankowski (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Evolution of spins in fluctuating fields"
  31. 31. Michal Tomza (Warsaw) (Abstract)
    "Engineering multi-photon coherent formation of ultracold rubidium molecules with femtosecond laser pulses"
  32. 32. Christian Trefzger (France) (Abstract)   (Slides)
    "An impurity in a Fermi sea on a narrow Feshbach resonance: A variational study of the polaronic and dimeronic branches"
  33. 33. Tomasz Wasak (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Quantum model for twin-beam experiment"
  34. 34. Emilia Witkowska (Poland) (Abstract)
    "Double universality of a quantum phase transition in spinor condensates"